New Non Fiction 07/19/2010

221.922 W  Good girls, bad girls Wray, T.J.

294.344 L  The great oom Love, Robert

400 C  A little book of language Crystal, David

509.3 L  How to mellify a corpse Leon, Vicki

614.532 S  The fever Shah, Sonia

615.902 B  Dodging the toxic bullet Boyd, David R.

624.23  S  Golden Gate Starr, Kevin

New Biographies 07/19/2010

BIO BUCK  Pearl Buck in China Spurling, Hilary

BIO DICKENS  Charles Dickens Slater, Michael

BIO MILTON  John Milton Hawkes, David

BIO OBAMA  The bridge Remnick, David

BIO SIMONE  Princess Noire Cohodas, Nadine

BIO WHITE  City boy White, Edmund

Make Waves with the Regina A. Quick Arts Center and the Olean Public Library!

Join others at the library in creating a community mosaic of The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai sponsored by The Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts and McDonalds.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa is a famous woodblock print by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.  It was created in the early 1800s as part of a series of print, Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji.

Copies of The Great Wave off Kanagawa can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the British Museum in London, Claude Monet’s House in Giverny, France and The Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts at St. Bonaventure University.

This print lends itself well to the water theme of our summer reading program this year.  Patrons of the Olean Public Library are invited to come in and create a 2 inch tile square to be included in the mosaic.

Visit the Reference Desk and ask one of the librarians to explain to you how to create your tile, then sit down at one of our tables and work on your masterpiece.

When you are finished at the library, why not visit The Quick Arts Center and visit the print in person!

Once the mosaic is finished, it will be on display in the library for all in the community to admire.  Express your creative side and “make some waves” at the Olean Public Library!

New Non Fiction 07/07/2010

J 155.518 F  Live large, be different, shine bright Fields, Doug

170.44 W  Words that matter: a little book of life’s lessons

304.209 W  The fate of nature Wohlforth, Charles P.

305.235 W Losing my cool Williams, Thomas Chatterton

305.896 P  Freedom is not enough Patterson, James T.

306.85 C  Red familes v. blue families Cahn, Naomi R.

324.251 M  The party McGregor, Richard

324.973  2010 Take back America Morris, Dick

325.3 P  The rule of empires Parsons, Timothy

327.73 B  The Icarus Syndrome Beinart, Peter

331.4 D  Influence Dychtwald, Maddy

359.93 R  Red November Reed, W. Craig

363.209 S  Policewomen who made history Snow, Robert L.

363.7 P  Green career$ Power Scott, Jennifer

363.738 H  Storms of my grandchildren Hanson, James E.

364.106 W  Dark harbor Ward, Nathan

364.66 H   The eyes of Willie McGee Heard, Alex

P/T 373.12 H  The insider’s guide to high school Healey, Tim

500 C  The matchbox that ate a forty-ton truck Chown, Marcus

509.73 M   Unscientific America Mooney, Chris

539.737 H  Collider Halpern, Paul

612.82 R   Think smart Restak, Richard M

646.028 B  Better homes and garden you can can

646.704 R  Babushka’s beauty secrets Ruder, Raisa

646.79 P  How to retire overseas Peddicord, Kathleen

658.402 L  Ubuntu! Lundin, Stephen C.

781.44 S  Practicing sucks, but it doesn’t have to! Sdoia-Satz, Phyllis

784.218 S  The ninth Sachs, Harvey

796.357 T  The baseball codes Turbow, Jason

814.54 B  I’ll mature when I am dead Berry, Dave

828.92 K  Backwards in high heels : the impossible art of being female Kindersley, Tania

940.415 F  Eden to Armageddon Ford, Roger

940.531 K  Hitler’s holy relics Kirkpatrick, Sidney

940.542 S  A measureless peril Snow, Richard E.

953.32 S  The woman who fell from the sky Steil, Jennifer

959.105 L  Everything is broken Larkin, Emma

973.3 B  American insurgents, American patriots Breen, T.H.

New Biographies 07/07/2010

BIO ARNGRIM  Confessions of a prairie bitch  Arngrim, Alison

LG PR BIO BROWNE   Psychic  Browne, Sylvia

BIO CLEGG  Portrait of an addict as a young man  Clegg, Bill

BIO HIRSI ALI   Nomad by Hirsi Ali, Ayaan

BIO JESSOP  Triumph  Jessop, Carolyn

BIO NIETZSCHE   Friedrich Nietzsche : A philosophical biography  Young, Julian

BIO OBAMA  The Promise : President Obama, Year One  Alter, Jonathan

BIO ROJAS  Captive : 147 days of terror in the Colombian jungle  Rojas, Clara

BIO SPITZER  Journal of the plague year : an insider’s chronicle of Eliot Spitzer’s short and tragic reign.

BIO STERN  Denial  Stern, Jessica

BIO VOLZ  Gringo nightmare  Volz, Eric