New Non Fiction 07/07/2010

J 155.518 F  Live large, be different, shine bright Fields, Doug

170.44 W  Words that matter: a little book of life’s lessons

304.209 W  The fate of nature Wohlforth, Charles P.

305.235 W Losing my cool Williams, Thomas Chatterton

305.896 P  Freedom is not enough Patterson, James T.

306.85 C  Red familes v. blue families Cahn, Naomi R.

324.251 M  The party McGregor, Richard

324.973  2010 Take back America Morris, Dick

325.3 P  The rule of empires Parsons, Timothy

327.73 B  The Icarus Syndrome Beinart, Peter

331.4 D  Influence Dychtwald, Maddy

359.93 R  Red November Reed, W. Craig

363.209 S  Policewomen who made history Snow, Robert L.

363.7 P  Green career$ Power Scott, Jennifer

363.738 H  Storms of my grandchildren Hanson, James E.

364.106 W  Dark harbor Ward, Nathan

364.66 H   The eyes of Willie McGee Heard, Alex

P/T 373.12 H  The insider’s guide to high school Healey, Tim

500 C  The matchbox that ate a forty-ton truck Chown, Marcus

509.73 M   Unscientific America Mooney, Chris

539.737 H  Collider Halpern, Paul

612.82 R   Think smart Restak, Richard M

646.028 B  Better homes and garden you can can

646.704 R  Babushka’s beauty secrets Ruder, Raisa

646.79 P  How to retire overseas Peddicord, Kathleen

658.402 L  Ubuntu! Lundin, Stephen C.

781.44 S  Practicing sucks, but it doesn’t have to! Sdoia-Satz, Phyllis

784.218 S  The ninth Sachs, Harvey

796.357 T  The baseball codes Turbow, Jason

814.54 B  I’ll mature when I am dead Berry, Dave

828.92 K  Backwards in high heels : the impossible art of being female Kindersley, Tania

940.415 F  Eden to Armageddon Ford, Roger

940.531 K  Hitler’s holy relics Kirkpatrick, Sidney

940.542 S  A measureless peril Snow, Richard E.

953.32 S  The woman who fell from the sky Steil, Jennifer

959.105 L  Everything is broken Larkin, Emma

973.3 B  American insurgents, American patriots Breen, T.H.


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