New Biographies 07/07/2010

BIO ARNGRIM  Confessions of a prairie bitch  Arngrim, Alison

LG PR BIO BROWNE   Psychic  Browne, Sylvia

BIO CLEGG  Portrait of an addict as a young man  Clegg, Bill

BIO HIRSI ALI   Nomad by Hirsi Ali, Ayaan

BIO JESSOP  Triumph  Jessop, Carolyn

BIO NIETZSCHE   Friedrich Nietzsche : A philosophical biography  Young, Julian

BIO OBAMA  The Promise : President Obama, Year One  Alter, Jonathan

BIO ROJAS  Captive : 147 days of terror in the Colombian jungle  Rojas, Clara

BIO SPITZER  Journal of the plague year : an insider’s chronicle of Eliot Spitzer’s short and tragic reign.

BIO STERN  Denial  Stern, Jessica

BIO VOLZ  Gringo nightmare  Volz, Eric


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