What is your library worth to you?

The New York State Library Association has an interesting tool that you can use to figure out how much your library is worth to you each year.  You can access it here.

Here is a quick break down of what some of the services offered by the Olean Public Library are worth:

Hardcover book           $18

Paperback book            $8

Videos                               $3

Music CDs                        $12

Audiobooks                    $23

Magazines                        $4

Meeting Rooms             $50/hr

Adult Programs            $18

Kids Programs               $15

Computer Use                $3/hr

Questions answered     $8/question


Also, in Olean it costs between $2.80 and $3.35 to rent a DVD and approximately $4 to rent a video game from rental establishments – at the Olean Public Library – it is free with your Library Card!

So, now that you have some figures, how much is your library worth to you each week? Each month?? Each Year???


Ever Wonder How Much the Library is Worth To You?

NYLA recently published a library value calculator (you can access it here).

In a year, if you only –

took out 1 hardcover book, 1 paperback book, borrowed 1 movie, 1 music CD, 1 audio book, used 1 magazine, 1 newspaper, requested 1 interlibrary loan, attended 1 adult class or program, used the computer for 1 hour, used 1 newspaper archive, used 1 research database, and asked 1 reference question –

the value of your library usage for the year would be $311.01.

And that does not take into consideration many of the intangibles that come with patronizing a library.