What is your library worth to you?

The New York State Library Association has an interesting tool that you can use to figure out how much your library is worth to you each year.  You can access it here.

Here is a quick break down of what some of the services offered by the Olean Public Library are worth:

Hardcover book           $18

Paperback book            $8

Videos                               $3

Music CDs                        $12

Audiobooks                    $23

Magazines                        $4

Meeting Rooms             $50/hr

Adult Programs            $18

Kids Programs               $15

Computer Use                $3/hr

Questions answered     $8/question


Also, in Olean it costs between $2.80 and $3.35 to rent a DVD and approximately $4 to rent a video game from rental establishments – at the Olean Public Library – it is free with your Library Card!

So, now that you have some figures, how much is your library worth to you each week? Each month?? Each Year???


Cattaraugus County is Proposing a 20% Cut in Funding to Libraries

Ask Your County Legislator to Restore Full Funding to Libraries!


Libraries serve all people in the county: toddlers to teens, and adolescents to older adults.  Libraries provide life long learning opportunities: “no fees,” “no tuition,” and “no contracts.” Libraries give a great return on your investment.  Libraries provide three dollars of service for every dollar they spend.

The Olean Public Library receives $14,222 in aid to purchase library materials in part from Cattaraugus County funding to the Library System and from NYS aid provided to the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System.  County funding also helps provide the twice a week delivery service to the libraries throughout the county.  These services and others are in jeopardy.  The 20% cut in library funding the county is proposing could trigger a 25% cut in New York State Aid to our system.

The Olean Public Library receives additional NYS Aid money from the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System.  This funding is used to purchase reference materials, adult non-fiction books, and electronic databases.  Additionally, NYS aid provides partial funding for a Librarian position and helps with the Olean Library’s general operating budget.  This state funding amounts to almost $56,000.  If the proposed 20% cut in library funding takes place, the Olean Public Library could lose not only the book aid money of $14,222 provided by the county funding but an additional $14,000 in NYS funds that come to Olean through the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System.

The County is trying to save $17,000 by reducing funding to the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System.  Unfortunately, this cut could have a huge impact on the Olean Public Library.  We could lose more than $28,000 in funding.  Now is not the time to cut funding to libraries.

Call or Write Your County Legislator Today!

Let Your Legislators Know How Much You Love Your Library

Cattaraugus County Administrator Jack Searles released a budget last week that includes 20% cuts across the board for all contract agencies.  For your local library, this could be devastating.

$17, 105 in county aid would be lost to the libraries in Cattaraugus County.  However, this is not the only cut that would occur.  This cut would be more than 5% of the library’s local funding, which would result in a loss of 25% of State Aid.  In total, this would mean a loss of approximately $270,000.

In the past two years, State Aid to the library system has already been cut by $250,000. The current amount of  County funding has been the same since 2005.  One of the consequences of these cuts was the elimination of the bookmobile.  As a result of the current proposal several programs could be cut including weekly delivery of books requested from other libraries, the interlibrary loan service that allows patron to access books outside of the CCLS system, and service to the County’s nine nursing homes and senior centers.

Economic times are difficult, but in times like these more and more people are turning to the public library for help.  People visit the library each day to fill out job applications, look for potential employment, update their skills, and more.  The library lends out books, DVDs, and video games which saves people money.  Is this the time to cut funding, when the library’s services are in high demand?

What you can do to help:

  • Call or write your legislator and ask him or her to restore library funding.  (The names, addresses, and phone numbers of the District 10 Legislators appears at the bottom of this page as well as a link to information on the other Cattaraugus County legislators.)
  • Sign the petition available at the library.
  • Attend the Legislature’s public hearing on the budget on Tuesday, November 23rd at 3pm in the Legislature’s Chambers (Cattaraugus County Center, 303 Court Street, Little Valley, NY).
  • Sign up to speak at the budget hearing on the 23rd.
  • Pass this information on to your friends and family.  The library could use the support.

The library can’t do this without your help!  Thank you for all you have done over the years for the library and all that you continue to do.

District 10 Legislators

Leo J. Nenno – Democrat

1420 Alpine Drive

Olean, NY 14760

Home Phone – 372-9299

John J. Paldo – Democrat

438 Fountain St

Olean, NY 14760

Home Phone – 373-4076

James J. Snyder – Republican

P.O. Box 1

Olean, NY 14760

Home Phone – 373-6352

William J. Aiello – Republican

725 Bishop St

Olean, NY 14760

Home Phone – 373-1859

Stephen H. Teachman – Republican

138 N. Fifteenth St

Olean, NY 14760

Home Phone – 372-7730

Other Cattaraugus County Legislator contact information may be found here