Women from Olean’s Past

When you visit the Olean Public Library currently, in the lobby you will find a wall filled with pictures of women.  These women are some of the women who helped shaped Olean over the years. Below are brief summaries of the women.  Please take a moment the next time you come in and read more about these notable women of Olean, NY.

 Annie Conyne Wood Franchot


Mrs. Franchot directed several benefits for Olean men serving in World War I.  She also wrote several children’s books which were widely sold.

Mary Fitzgerald


Miss Fitzgerald was a beloved Olean High School Math teacher who co-authored a book on algebra.

Ailene Eaton Norton   


Mrs. Norton was founder of the former Olean Civic Music Association.  She was also concert mistress of the Olean Community Symphony Orchestra.

Henrietta D. Stowe    


Mrs. Stowe founded Olean’s Welcome Wagon in 1939 and the Newcomer’s Club in 1941.

Dr. Ruth Mountain


Dr. Martin was one the United States first female dentists.  She practiced for over 60 years at Olean’s Mountain Clinic Hospital.

Dolly Brown


Mrs. Brown was supreme royal matron of the Amaranth from 1971-1972.  She represented the organization during tours to various foreign countries.

Nancy Donovan  


Mrs. Donovan was a renowned band singer who performed with Danny Kaye and Bob Hope in the 1950s.

Gloria Bilotta  


Mrs. Bilotta was a business owner and Cattaraugus  County Clerk from 1974-1990.  She also founded Trees for Everyone, Inc.


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