New Non Fiction November 2010

Non Fiction

005.52 M  Microsoft Office Word 2010 inside out  Murray, Katherine

242.4 K  Prayers for those who grieve Kelly, Jill

248.32 P  Water, wind, earth, and fire  Painter, Christine Valters

296.74 M  The blessing of a B minus  Mogel, Wendy

302.34 V  The twisted sisterhood  Valen, Kelly

303.483 C  Armageddon science by Brian Clegg

305.8 C  Acting white  Christie, Ron

307.097 C  Our patchwork nation  Chinni, Dante

320.973 O  Don’t vote  O’Rourke, P.J.

332.632 H  The monster  Hudson, Michael W.

333.823 D  When oil peaked  Deffeyes, Kenneth S.

355.009 R  How wars end  Rose, Gideon

410 D  Through the language glass Deutscher, Guy

500 G  Bad science  Goldacre, Ben

530.12 Z  Dance of the photons  Zeilinger, Anton

551.55 T  Into the storm  Timmer, Reed

577 C  Harmony  Charles, Prince of Wales

615.892 D  The encyclopedia of healing points  Dalet, Roger

616.858 P  Overcoming borderline personality disorder  Porr, Valerie

635.097 S Growing a garden city   Smith, Jeremy N.

636.8 M  Dewey’s nine lives  Myron, Vicki

650.14 M  The 6 reasons you’ll get the job  MacDougall, Debra Angel

709.22 W  50 modern artists you should know  Weidemann, Christiane

746.432 S  Alice Starmore’s book of Fair Isle Knitting  Starmore, Alice.

791.436 A  Another fine mess  Austerlitz, Saul

793.3 S  Popular dance  Smith, Karen Lynn

796 B  The perfection point  Brenkus, John

796.332 J  The games that changed the game  Jaworski, Ron

956.054 L  How to make peace in the Middle East in six months or less without  leaving your apartment.

971.91 G  Gold diggers  Gray, Charlotte

977.162 G  A secret gift  Gup, Ted



BIO ASGEDOM  Of beetles & angels  Asgedom, Mawi

BIO ATANASOFT  The man who invented the computer  Smiley, Jane

BIO BETANCOURT  Even silence has an end  Betancourt, Ingrid

BIO BRADBURY  Listen to the echoes  Weller, Sam

BIO BRINKER  Promise me  Brinker, Nancy

BIO CHILD  As always :  the letters of Julia Child & Avis Devoto  Reardon, Joan

BIO CLEOPATRA  Cleopatra  Schiff, Stacy

BIO KESEY  Acid Christ Christensen, Mark

BIO LAWRENCE  Hero  Korda, Michael

BIO MINICK The blueberry years  Minick, Jim

BIO SINATRA  Frank  Kaplan, James

BIO STEINBERG  Running the books  Steinberg, Avi

BIO TRIGIANI  Don’t sing at the table  Trigiani, Adriana

BIO TWAIN Autobiography of Mark Twain  Twain, Mark

BIO URQUHART  The forgotten highlander  Urquhart, Alistair

BIO UTAH  Dead man running  Coulthart, Ross


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