Need Some Help Updating Your Resume?

On October 20, 2010, the Olean Public Library launched Optimal Resume, a web-based program that allows patrons to create high-quality multimedia resumes and share them online.

Unlike creating a resume in a word processing program, Optimal Resume offers styled templates and easy formatting, along with industry-specific samples and instructions. All a user has to do is enter relevant information in structured categories (such as work history, educational background, and professional certifications) and Optimal Resume will generate a resume that can be downloaded to your computer, printed off, or published online.

Users can turn their resumes into professional websites, with the option to include links to their accounts on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Patrons can also open themselves to job opportunities by submitting one resume into ResumeGPS, an employer-searchable resume database.

Optimal Resume also allows users to create portfolios of their written works, photography, presentations, or other projects. Users can also (with the necessary hardware) record a video resume, allowing them to make a positive first impression as if they were meeting employers in person. Both portfolios and video resumes can be included on users’ websites.

This service is offered completely free-of-charge. Because the service is web-based, patrons can access it from any computer by visiting and using their library card number to create their account.



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