New Non Fiction October 2010

001 J Overrated! : the 50 most overhyped things in history Juddery, Mark
005.756 U Access 2010 for dummies Ulrich-Fuller, Laurie
006.7 W Beginning Google Blogger Wright-Porto, Heather
133.423 M Wanted Undead or Alive Maberry, Jonathan
158 W 59 seconds : think a little, change a lot Wiseman, Richard
174 G Giving voice to values : how to speak your mind when you know what’s right / Gentile, Mary
248.4 L You Were Made to Make a Difference Lucado, Max
248.4 M Power thoughts : 12 strategies to win the battle of the mind Meyer, Joyce
289.8 W The great divorce : a nineteenth-century mother’s extraordinary fight against her husband, the Shakers, and her times Woo, Ilyon
294.342 W Sex, sin, and Zen: a Buddhist exploration of sex from celibacy to polyamory and everything in between Warner, Brad
344.73 N The new health care system : everything you need to know Nather, David
356.114 M Grunts : inside the American infantry combat experience, World War II through Iraq McManus, John C
363.325 K A foreigner carrying in the crook of his arm a tiny bomb Kumar, Amitava
364.152 C Terror by night : the true story of the brutal Texas murder that destroyed a family, restored one man’s faith, and shocked a nation Caffey, Terry
364.152 L Seven days of rage : the deadly crime spree of the Craigslist killer Larosa, Paul
371.58 A Little girls can be mean : four steps to bully-proof girls in the early grades Anthony, Michelle
546 K The disappearing spoon : and other true tales of madness, love, and the history of the world from the periodic table of the elements Kean, Sam
551.6 C Weather of the future Cullen, Heidi
612.82 J Brain storm : the flaws in the science of sex differences Jordan-Young, Rebecca M
614.13 B The poisoner’s handbook : murder and the birth of forensic medicine in Jazz Age New York Blum, Deborah
614.15 P The measure of madness : inside the disturbed and disturbing criminal mind Paradis, Cheryl
615.507 S Clinical trials : what patients and healthy volunteers need to know Speid, Lorna
616.205 A Ah-choo! : the uncommon life of your common cold Ackerman, Jennifer
618.92 P The Beauty of love : a memoir of miracles, hope, and healing Posada, Laura
618.928 S Cutting-edge therapies for autism, 2010-2011 Siri, Ken
641.36 A Mastering the craft of making sausage Anderson, Warren R.
741.597 B The Bloom County library. Volume one, 1980-1982 Breathed, Berke.
741.597 B The Bloom County library. Volume two, 1982-1984 Breathed, Berke
745.5 C The DIY bride crafty countdown : 40 fabulous projects to make in the months, weeks & hours before your special day Cochran, Khris
746.14 P The weaver’s idea book : creative cloth on a rigid-heddle loom Patrick, Jane
746.432 M Knit socks! : 17 classic patterns for cozy feet McCarthy, Betsy Lee
810.82 C Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Book of Miracles Canfield, Jack
818.54 S Visitor’s guide to the human race Stewart, Jon
904 S Lost to time Sandler, Martin W.
910 P 101 places not to see before you die Price, Catherine
940.547 L Escape from Davao : the forgotten story of the most daring prison break of the Pacific war Lukacs, John D
954.035 M Churchill’s secret war : the British empire and the ravaging of India during World War II Mukerjee, Madhusree
955.054 P Let the swords encircle me: Iran–a journey behind the headlines Peterson, Scott
972.07 A General Jo Shelby’s march Arthur, Anthony
973.58 P The presidencies of William Henry Harrison & John Tyler Peterson, Norma Lois
CAREERS 610.73 W CNA certified nursing assistant Whitenton, Linda
CAREERS 610.73B Becoming a nursing assistant : enjoy the extensive rewards of a nursing assistant career


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