New Biographies October 2010

BIO CARLISLE Lips unsealed : a memoir Carlisle, Belinda

BIO ADDAMS Jane Addams Knight, Louise W.

BIO BONHOEFFER Bonhoeffer : pastor, martyr, prophet, spy : a righteous gentile vs. the Third Reich Metaxas, Eric

BIO CARTER Rosalynn Carter : equal partner in the White House Kaufman, Scott

BIO CATHERINE Catherine of Siena : a passionate life Brophy, Donald

BIO COOLIDGE Grace Coolidge : the people’s lady in Silent Cal’s White House Ferrell, Robert H

BIO GILLIES Keeper : one house, three generations, and a journey into Alzheimer’s Gilles, Andrea

BIO HAYES Rutherford B. Hayes Trefousse, Hans Louis

BIO LUCIANO Lucky Luciano Newark, Tim

BIO PARKER To be Indian : the life of Iroquois-Seneca Arthur Caswell Parker Porter, Joy

BIO PETERSEN Jan’s story : love lost to the long goodbye of Alzheimer’s Petersen, Barry

BIO TRAPP Memories Before and After the Sound of Music Von Trapp, Agathe

BIO WILKINSON Sliding into home : a memoir Wilkinson, Kendra


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