New Biographies and Non Fiction August 2010

BIO CASH  Composed  Cash, Rosanne
BIO CLEVELAND  Frank  Dunlap, Annette
BIO GARFIELD   James Garfield  Rutkow, Ira
BIO CARPENTER  Little girl blue : the life of Karen Carpenter  Schmidt, Randy
BIO BROWNE  Psychic : My life in two worlds  Browne, Sylvia

277.308 D  Almost Christian  Dean, Kenda Creasy
364.152 M  Coldspring  Mancuso, Cheri
659.2 R  Develop your PR skills  Richardson, Neil
973.04 O  The ghosts of Cannae  O’Connell, Robert L.
364.152 P  The girls of Murder City  Perry, Douglas
978.665 R  Goodbye wifes and daughters  Resnick, Susan Kushner
796.342 M  Hardcourt confidential  McEnroe, Patrick
641.5 B  The I hate to cook book  Bracken, Peg
986.106 B  Hostage nation  Bruce, Victoria
306.874 K  My teenage werewolf  Kessler, Lauren
615.321 D  Prescription or poison  Dasgupta, Amitava
636.7 A  Through a dog’s eyes  Arnold, Jennifer
658.311 R  Using LinkedIn  Rutledge, Patrice-Anne


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