New Bios and Non Fiction 08/19/2010

BIO BROWNE  Psychic : My life in two worlds  Browne, Sylvia

BIO CARPENTER  Little girl blue : the life of Karen Carpenter  Schmidt, Randy L

BIO CASH  Composed  Cash, Rosanne

BIO CLEVELAND  Frank  Dunlap, Annette

BIO GARFIELD   James Garfield  Rutkow, Ira

BIO HOOVER  Lou Henry Hoover  Young, Nancy Beck

BIO POLK  Sarah Childress Polk  Bumgarner, John R.

BIO TAFT  Nellie Taft  Anthony, Carl  Sferrazza

BIO VICTORIA  Becoming Victoria  Williams, Kate

BIO WILLIAMS  Color blind  Williams, Precious

005.276 E  Professional ASP, NET 4 in C# and VB Evjen, Bill

005.276 M  Pro ASP. NET 4 IN C# 2010  MacDonald, Matthew

005.446 W  My new Mac  Wang, Wally

277.308 D  Almost Christian  Dean, Kenda Creasy
306.85 W  Barack Obama’s America  White, John Kenneth
306.874 K  My teenage werewolf  Kessler, Lauren
332.024 D  Retirement breakthrough  Duff, Richard W
362.734 T  In a heartbeat  Tuohy, Leigh Anne
364.152 M  Coldspring  Mancuso, Cheri
364.152 P  The girls of Murder City  Perry, Douglas
615.321 D  Prescription or poison  Dasgupta, Amitava
636.7 A  Through a dog’s eyes  Arnold, Jennifer
641.5 B  The I hate to cook book  Bracken, Peg
658.311 R  Using LinkedIn  Rutledge, Patrice-Anne M
659.2 R  Develop your PR skills  Richardson, Neil
796.342 M  Hardcourt confidential  McEnroe, Patrick
973.04 O  The ghosts of Cannae  O’Connell, Robert L.
978.665 R  Goodbye wifes and daughters  Resnick, Susan Kushner
986.106 B  Hostage nation  Bruce, Victoria


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