New Nonfiction January – June 2010

004.16 M  Laptops for seniors for dummies Muir, Nancy

005.36 H  IPhone & iPad apps marketing: secrets of selling your iPhone and iPad apps Hughes, Jeffery F.

005.5 S  Office 2010 simplified Shoup, Kate

005.5 W  Office 2010 all-in-one for dummies Weverka, Peter

006.7 G  Blogging for dummies Gardner, Susannah

016.92 R  Read on – life stories: reading lists for every taste Reisner, Rosalind

025.042 D  Going beyond Google: the Invisible Web in learning and teaching Devine, Jane

031.02 V  The perfectly useless book of useless information: you’ll never need to know anything that’s in this book – but read it anyway Voorhees, Don

051 S  Shocking true story: the rise and fall of Confidential, “America’s most scandalous magazine” Scott, Henry E.

070.449 S  Beyond the killing fields: war writings Schanberg, Sydney H.

070.502 M  Publish this book: the unbelievable true story of how I wrote, sold, and published this very book Markley, Stephen

128 S  Being wrong: adventures in the margin of error Schulz, Kathryn

133.09 A  A history of ghosts: the true story of séances, mediums, ghosts, and ghostbusters Aykroyd, Peter H.

153.153 P  Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us Pink, Daniel H.

155.644 S  The widower’s toolbox: repairing your life after losing your spouse Schaefer, Gerald

155.904 F  Let your body win: stress management plain & simple Ferguson, Jacquelyn

158.2 M  Difficult personalities: a practical guide to managing the hurtful behavior of others (and maybe your own) McGrath, Helen

170 T  Made for goodness: and why this makes all the difference Tutu, Desmond

170.44 K  Before I go: letters to our children about what really matters Kreeft, Peter

170.44 M  How philosophy can save your life: 10 ideas that matter most McCarty, Marietta

179.3 S  A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy: the human cost of the animal rights movement Smith, Wesley

190 G  Ideas that matter: the concepts that shape the 21st century Grayling, A.C.

201.3 B  Mystery cults of the ancient world Bowden, Hugh

201.5 B  Toward a true kinship of faiths:  how the world’s religions can come together Bstandzinrgyamtsho, Dalai Lama XIV

201.65 W  The language God talks: on science and religion Wouk, Herman

201.661 B  Prescribing faith: medicine, media, and religion in American culture Badaracco, Claire

202.3 M  Heaven: our enduring fascination with the afterlife Miller, Lisa

220.93F  Digging through the Bible: modern archaeology and the ancient Bible Freund Richard A.

232.9 F  An irreverent curiosity: in search of the church’s strangest relic in Italy’s oddest town Farley, David

241.4 M  Eat the cookie – buy the shoes: giving yourself permission to lighten up Meyer, Joyce

242.63 U  Ups & downs: prayers by & 4 teens Halfmann, Elizabeth

242.64 F Faith bound: prayers by & 4 college students Rosebrough, Ellen

248.4 N  Spiritual intelligence: discover your SQ, deepen your faith Nelson, Alan E.

248.843 J  When love ends and the ice cream carton is empty:  what you need to know about your new beginning Johnson, Jackie

248.843 M  So long, insecurity: you’ve been a bad friend to us Moore, Beth

248.86 W  Plan B: what do you do when God doesn’t show up the way you thought he would? Wilson, Pete

261.835 H  Why I stayed: the choices I made in my darkest hour Haggard, Gayle

261.88 M  Green like God: unlocking the divine plan for our planet Merritt, Jonathan

262.001 S  Unlearning Protestantism: sustaining Christian community in an unstable age Schlabach, Gerald

270.209 B  The true Saint Nicholas: why he matters to Christmas Bennett, William J.

282.092 L  The four Teresas Loehr, Gina

289.332 H  Understanding the Book of Mormon: a reader’s guide Hardy, Grant

292.272 H  Knowing the enemy: jihadist ideology and the War on Terror Habeck, Mary R.

294.344 K  863 Buddhist ways to conquer life’s little challenges Kipfer, Barbara Ann

294.344 N  Savor:  mindful eating, mindful life Nhat Hanh, Thich

297.283 C  A common word: Muslims and Christians on loving God and neighbor Volf, Miroslav

297.309 J  A mosque in Munich: Nazis, the CIA, and the Muslim Brotherhood in the West Johnson, Ian

302.2 B  The book of codes: understanding the world of hidden meanings: an illustrated guide to signs, symbols, ciphers, and secret languages Lunde, Paul

302.302 F  Twitter for dummies Fitton, Laura

302.302 K  Social networking spaces: from Facebook to Twitter and everything in between: a step-by-step introduction to social networks for beginners and everyone else Kelsey, Todd

304.2 M  Eaarth: making a life tough on a new planet McKibben, Bill

305.262 I  In the fullness of time: 32 women on life after 50 Upham, Emily

305.401 B  The second sex Beauvoir, Simone de

305.486 C  Paradise beneath her feet:  how women are transforming the Middle East Coleman, Isobel

305.8 P  The history of White people Painter, Nell Irvin

305.896 W  Post Black: how a new generation is redefining African American identity Womack, Ytasha

305.906 S  A thousand sisters: my journey into the worst place on earth to be a woman Shannon, Lisa

306.09 P  The authenticity hoax: how we got lost finding ourselves Potter, Andrew

306.3 A  Identity economics: how our identities shape our work, wages, and well-being Akerlof, George A

306.734 I   The Denzel principle: why Black women can’t find good Black men Izrael, Jimi

306.842 S  When men become gods: Mormon polygamist Warren Jeffs, his cult of fear, and the women who fought back Singular, Stephen

306.846 D  Rising road: a true tale of love, race, and religion in America Davies, Sharon L.

306.87 V  Alexander and the wonderful, marvelous, excellent, terrific ninety days: an almost completely honest account of what happened to our family when our youngest son, his wife, their baby, their toddler, and their five year old came to live with us for three months Viorst, Judith

306.874 K  The mommy files: secrets every new Mom should know (that no one else will tell you!) Klein, Jen

306.874 M  Mom: a celebration of mothers from Storycorps Isay, Dave

306.89 G  Divorce after 50: your guide to the unique legal & financial challenges Green, Janice

320.52 C  The forty years war: the rise and fall of neocons, from Nixon to Obama Colodny, Len

320.52 V  Neoconservatism: a biography of a movement Vaisse, Justin

320.557 A  How to win a cosmic war: God, globalization, and the end of the War on Terror Aslan, Reza

320.609 R  No apology: the case for American greatness Romney, Mitt

323.445 S  Necessary secrets: national security, the media, and rule of law Schoenfeld, Gabriel

324.709 G  How to win a local election: a complete step-by-step guide Grey, Lawrence

324.973 K  Notes from the cracked ceiling: Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and what it will take for a woman to win Kornblut, Anne E.

325 K  Moving millions: how coyote capitalism fuels global immigration Kaye, Jeffrey

327.16 D  Climate wars Dyer, Gwynne

327.174 G  India, Pakistan, and the bomb: debating nuclear stability in South Asia Ganguly, Sumit

327.51 H  The Beijing consensus: how China’s authoritarian model will dominate the twenty-first century Halper, Stefan A.

327.569 P  The unspoken alliance: Israel’s secret relationship with the apartheid South Africa Polakow-Suransky, Sasha

327.73 C  Hopes and prospects Chomsky, Noam

330 A  Economics for the rest of us: debunking the science that makes life dismal Adler, Moshe

330.16 B  The economics of integrity: from dairy farmers to Toyota, how wealth is built on trust and what that means for our future Bernasek, Anna

330.973 L  The big short: inside the doomsday machine Lewis, Michael

330.973 P  On the brink: inside the race to stop the collapse of the global financial system Paulson, Henry M.

330.973 P  The betrayal of American prosperity: free market delusions, America’s decline, and how we must compete in the post-dollar era Prestowitz, Clyde

331.544 R  Catching out: the secret world of day laborers Reavis, Dick J.

332.024 1  10,001 ways to live large on a small budget

332.024 D  The money book for freelancers, part-time, and the self-employed: the only personal finance system for people with not-so-regular jobs D’Agnese, Joseph

332.024 K  Mind over money: overcoming the money disorders that threaten our financial health Klontz, Brad

332.024 M  Your money milestones: a guide to making the 9 most important financial decisions in your life Milevsky, Moshe Arye

332.024 P  Be centsable: how to cut your household budget in half Pate, Chrissy

332.109 J  13 bankers: the Wall Street takeover and the next financial meltdown Johnson, Simon

332.34 W  In hock: pawning in America from independence through the Great Depression Woloson, Wendy

332.6 T  Payback time: making big money is the best revenge! Town, Phil

332.632 G  A trader’s first book on commodities: an introduction to the world’s fastest growing market Garner, Carley

332.642 L  The end of Wall Street Lowenstein, Roger

333.7 C  The plundered planet: why we must, and how we can, manage nature for global prosperity Collier, Paul

333.7 R  Green gone wrong: how our economy is undermining the environmental revolution Rogers, Heather

333.731 B  Reckoning at Eagle Creek:  the secret legacy of coal in the heartland Biggers, Jeff

338.476 M  Poorly made in China: an insider’s account of the tactics behind China’s production game Miller, Paul

338.761 K  The Facebook effect: the inside story of the company that is connecting the world Kirkpatrick, David

347.732 S Secret lives of the Supreme Court: what your teachers never told you about America’s legendary justices Schnakenberg, Robert

349.73 C  But they didn’t read me my rights!: myths, oddities, and lies about our legal system Cicchini, Michael D.

355.001 S  The untold war: inside the hearts, minds, and souls of our soldiers Sherman, Nancy

355.008 M  A few good women: America’s military women from World War I to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Monahan, Evelyn

355.033 Z  Arsenal of democracy:  the politics of national security – from World War II to the War on Terrorism Zelizer, Julian E.

355.129 D  The enemy in our hands: America’s treatment of enemy prisoners of war, from the Revolution to the War on Terror Doyle, Robert C.

355.825 B  The first war of physics:  the secret history of the atom bomb, 1939-1949 Baggott, J.E.

361.74 L  The generosity plan: sharing time, treasure, and talent to shape the world LeMay, Kathy

362.109 E  Crazy: a father’s search through America’s mental health madness Earley, Pete

362.109 G  The treatment trap: how the overuse of medical care is wrecking your health and what you can do to prevent it Gibson, Rosemary

362.175 D  Making rounds with Oscar: the extraordinary gift of an extraordinary cat Dosa, David

362.196 G  Take your oxygen first: protecting your health and happiness while caring for a loved one with memory loss Gibbons, Leeza

362.196 M  Song of three islands: a story of mental illness in an iconic American family Minks, Millicent

362.404 L  To the rescue: found dogs with a mission Lufkin, Elise

362.418 H  Trust the dog: rebuilding lives through teamwork with man’s best friend Hirshey, Gerri

362.509 W  At home on the street: people, poverty, and a hidden culture of homelessness Wasserman, Jason Adam

362.829 D  Arrested:  what to do when your loved one’s in jail Denham, Wes

363.41 O  Last call: the rise and fall of Prohibition Okrent, Daniel

363.7 K  Animal factory:  the looming threat of industrial pig, dairy, and poultry farms to humans and the environment Kirby, David

363.705 B  Ecotourists save the world: the environmental volunteer’s guide to more than 300 international adventures to conserve, preserve, and rehabilitate wildlife and habitats Brodowsky, Pamela K.

364.152 B  Murder city: Ciudad Juarez and the global economy’s new killing fields Bowden, Charles

364.152 F  The road out of hell: Sanford Clark and the true story of the Wineville murders Flacco, Anthony

364.152 M  Murder in Baker Company: how four American soldiers killed one of their own McCain, Cilla

364.152 S  Hellhound on trial: the stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the international hunt for his assassin Sides, Hampton

364.163 M  No one would listen: a true financial thriller Markopolos, Harry

364.164 H  Seized: a sea captain’s adventures battling scoundrels and pirates while recovering stolen ships in the world’s most troubles waters Hardberger, Max

365.976 P  Texas tough: the rise of America’s prison empire Perkinson, Robert

370.973 R  The death and life of the great American school system: how testing and choice are undermining education Ravitch, Diane

371.152 O  Wounded by school: recapturing the joy in learning and standing up to old school culture Olson, Kirsten

372.182 K  The price of stones: building a school for my village Kaguri, Twesigye Jackson

378.101 T  The uncivil university: intolerance on college campuses Tobin, Gary

385.09 W  Blood, iron, & gold: how the railroads transformed the world Wolmar, Christian

388.324 R  On thin ice: breakdowns, whiteouts, and survival on the world’s deadliest roads Rowland, Hugh

508.741 S Settled in the wild: notes from the edge of town Shetterly, Susan Hand

525 C  What if the Earth had two moons? And nine other thought-provoking speculations on the solar system Comins, Neil F.

530.1 V  Decoding reality: the universe as quantum information Vedral, Vlatko

530.11 C  From eternity to here: the quest for the ultimate theory of time Carroll, Sean M.

539.725 G  The little book of string theory Gubser, Steven Scott

551.6 G  How to cool the planet: geoengineering and the audacious quest to fix the earth’s climate Goodell, Jeff

576.8 T  The ptarmigan’s dilemma: an exploration into how life organizes and supports itself Theberge, John B

576.839 S  Confessions of an alien hunter: a scientist’s search for extraterrestrial intelligence Shostak, G. Seth

591.756 D  Coyote at the kitchen door: living with wildlife in suburbia DeStafano, Stephen

598.942 E  The eagle watchers: observing and conserving raptors around the world Tingay, Ruth E.

610.289 G  The checklist manifesto: how to get things right Gawande, Atul

610.289 K  Surviving your doctors: why the medical system is dangerous to your health and how to get through it alive Klein, Richard

612.68 B  The longevity prescription: the 8 proven keys to a long, healthy life Butler, Robert N.

612.8 F  The other brain: from dementia to schizophrenia, how new discoveries about the brain are revolutionizing medicine and science Fields, R. Douglas

612.802 C  The shallows: what the Internet is doing to our brains Carr, Nicholas G.

613 A  Change your brain, change your body: use your brain to get the body you have always wanted: boost your brain to improve your weight, skin, heart, energy, and focus Amen, Daniel

613.089 D  The Latina guide to health: consejos and caring answers Delgado, Jane

613.25 M  The Mayo Clinic diet Mayo Clinic

613.704 G  Get your body back after baby: weight loss, nutrition, exercise, relationships, sex, breastfeeding

614.4 P  Inside the outbreaks: the elite medical detectives of the Epidemic Intelligence Service Pendergrast, Mark

614.521 W  The pox and the covenant: Mather, Franklin, and the epidemic that changed America’s destiny Williams, Tony

615.902 S  Slow death by rubber duck: the secret danger of everyday things Smith, Rick

616.027 S  The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks Skloot, Rebecca

616.029 F  A better way of dying: how to make the best choices at the end of life Fitzpatrick, Jeanne

616.852 F  Stuff: compulsive hoarding and the meaning of things Frost, Randy O.

616.852 S  Welcome to the jungle:  Everything you ever wanted to know about bipolar but were too freaked out to ask Smith, Hilary

616.89 S  The secret life of the grown-up brain: the surprising talents of the middle-aged mind Strauch, Barbara

616.89 W  Anatomy of an epidemic: magic bullets, psychiatric drugs, and the astonishing rise of mental illness in America Whitaker, Robert

616.929 M  Superbug: the fatal menace of MRSA McKenna, Maryn

616.994 M  Positive results: making the best decision when you’re at high risk for breast or ovarian cancer Morris, Joi

617.522 P  10 steps to relieving headaches, neck pain, and jaw disorders Peterson, Cynthia

618.2 R Your high-risk pregnancy: a practical and supportive guide Raab, Diana

618.92 P  Verbal first aid: help your kids heal from fear and pain—and come out strong Prager, Judith Simon

621.312 S  The battery: how portable power sparked a technological revolution Schlesinger, Henry R.

624.2 B  Bridges: the science and art of the world’s most inspiring structures Blockley, D.I.

629.229 L  Build your own plug-in hybrid electric vehicle Leitman, Seth

630.92 M  Hay fever: how chasing a dream on a Vermont farm changed my life Miller, Angela

635 B  Kitchen garden: month by month Buckingham, Alan

635 E  The new low-maintenance garden: how to have a beautiful, productive garden and the time to enjoy it Easton, Valerie

635 G  The small budget gardener Glimer, Maureen

635 P  Starter vegetable gardens: 24 no-fail plans for small organic gardens Pleasant, Barbara

635.048 D  Incredible edibles: 43 fun things to grow in the city Day, Sonia

635.048 G  Grow organic Abbott, Louise

635.048 K Paradise under glass: an amateur creates a conservatory garden Kassinger, Ruth

635.048 S  Talking dirt: the dirt diva’s down-to-earth guide to organic gardening Spiegelman, Annie

635.049 D  What’s wrong with my plant (and how do I fix it?) a visual guide to easy diagnosis and organic remedies Deardorff, David C.

635.932 O The perennial care manual Ondra, Nancy J.

635.964 G  The American meadow garden: creating a natural alternative to the traditional lawn Greenlee, John

636.686 G  Winging it: a memoir of caring for a vengeful parrot who’s determined to kill  me Gardiner, Jenny

636.708 B  Imagine life with a well-behaved dog: a 3-step positive dog-training program Bjelland, Julie A.

636.708 C  Scent of the missing: love and partnership with a search-and-rescue dog Charleson, Susannah

636.708 N  Feed your pet right: the authoritative guide to feeding your dog and cat Nestle, Marion

636.708 R  Happy dog: caring for your dog’s body, mind, and spirit Rafferty, Billy

637.3 A  Cheesemaking Ash, Rita

639.978 R  Backyard bird secrets for every season: attract a variety of nesting, feeding, and singing birds year-round Roth, Sally

640 B  How to sew a button: and other nifty things your grandmother knew Bried, Erin

640.73 B  Be thrifty:  how to live better with less Catton, Pia

640.73 H  Thrifty: living the frugal life with style Harris, Marjorie

641.31 D  Instant bargains: 600+ ways to shrink your grocery bills and eat well for less Dangler, Kimberly

641.373 W  World cheese book Harbutt, Juliet

641.5 F  Eating local: the cookbook inspired by American farmers Fletcher, Janet

641.5 G  Daring pairings: a master sommelier matches distinctive wines with recipes from his favorite chefs Goldstein, Evan

641.5 M  Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove cookbook Macomber, Debbie

641.552 C  The $5 dinner mom cookbook: 200 recipes for quick, delicious, and nourishing meals that are easy on the budget and a snap to prepare Chase, Erin

641.563 D  Now eat this!  150 of America’s favorite comfort foods, all under 350 calories DiSpirito, Rocco

641.563 F  The skinnygirl dish: easy recipes for your naturally thin life Frankel, Bethenny

641.563 L  The 10 things you need to eat: and more than 100 easy and delicious ways to prepare them Lieberman, Dave

641.563 P  EatingWell 500 calorie dinners: easy, delicious recipes & menus Price, Jessie

641.563 T  Raw energy: 124 raw food recipes for energy bars, smoothies, and other snacks to supercharge your body Tourles, Stephanie L.

641.578 M  Cast iron cuisine from breakfast to dessert: Grandma’s skillet reborn Morehouse, Matt

641.594 D  Giada at home: family recipes from Italy and California De Laurentiis, Giada

641.597 Y  Home cooking with Trisha Yearwood: stories & recipes to share with family and friends Yearwood, Trisha

641.65 S  The harvest eating cookbook: more than 200 recipes for cooking with seasonal local ingredients Snow, Keith

641.656 D  Tomato: a fresh-from-the-vine cookbook Davis-Hollander, Lawrence

641.815 G  The great bake sale cookbook: 75 sure-fire fund-raising favorites Good Housekeeping

643.12 O  Home staging that works: sell your home in less time for more money Osborne, Starr C.

646.204 C  How to use a sewing machine: everything you need to know to sew with confidence Clayton, Marie

646.7 H  Pretty plus: how to look sexy, sensational and successful no matter what you weigh Hope, Babe

646.724 E  How to create the perfect cut, shape, color, and perm for any hair type: secrets and techniques from a master hair stylist Easterly, Cosmo

646.77 N  Get over yourself!: how to get real, get serious, and get ready to find true love Novak, Patti

646.78 F  It’s either her or me: a guide to help a mom and her daughter-in-law get along Fisher, Ellie Slott

646.78 R  They’re your parents too!:  how siblings can survive their parents aging without driving each other crazy Russo, Francine

647.95 S  Culinary careers: how to get your dream job in food with advice from top culinary professionals Smilow, Rick

648.08 H  Civil War woodworking: 17 authentic projects for woodworkers and reenactors Hamler, A.J.

649.1 Z  Green guide families: the complete reference for eco-friendly parents Zandonella, Catherine

650.1 S  The end of work as you know it: 8 strategies to redefine work on your own terms Sindell, Milo

650.1 S Mandela’s way: fifteen lessons on life, love, and courage Stengel, Richard

650.108 C  Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t: rethinking the rules of the game that keep women from succeeding in business Cronin, Lynn

650.14 S  How to find a job on LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social networks Schepp, Brad

658.041 P  Making money from home Partow, Donna

658.312 C  Get rid of the performance review! How companies can stop intimidating, start managing – and focus on what really matters Culbert, Samuel A.

658.403 V  Green IT: reduce your information system’s environmental impact while adding to the bottom line Velte, Toby J

658.406 M  Borrowing brilliance: the six steps to business innovation by building on the ideas of others Murray, David

658.409 H  Delivering happiness:  a path to profits, passion, and purpose Hsieh, Tony

658.409 P  The little big things: 163 ways to pursue excellence Peters, Thomas J

684.104 H  Furniture repair & restoration Hingley, Brian D.

728.047 K  Prefabulous + sustainable: building and customizing an affordable, energy-efficient home Koones, Sheri

741.597 B  The Bloom County library: Volume one, 1980-1982 Breathed, Berke

745.58 B  Button it up: 80 amazing vintage button projects for necklaces, bracelets, embellishments, housewares, & more Beal, Susan

745.594 M  Michael’s book of wedding crafts Kopp, Linda

746.432 A  Knitting 24/7: 30 stylish projects for busy knitters Avery, Veronik

746.432 B  Reversible knitting Barr, Lynne

746.432 G  Toe-up!: patterns and worksheets to whip your sock knitting into shape Gardiner, Chrissy

746.432 H  Cardigans Harding, Louisa

746.432 S  Knit green: 20 projects & ideas for sustainability Seiff, Joanne

746.432 W  Knits men want: the 10 rules every woman should know before knitting for a man: plus, the only 10 patterns she’ll ever need Weinstein, Bruce

746.44 K  Stitch-opedia: the only embroidery reference you’ll ever need Kendrick, Helen Winthorpe

746.445 L  Poster quilts with Patrick Lose Lose, Patrick

746.46 L  Free-motion quilting made easy:  186 designs from 8 simple shapes Larkin, Eva A.

746.46 M  Stellar quilts Martin, Judy

746.460 H  Hobo quilts: 55+ original blocks based on the secret language of riding the rails Henninger, Debra G.

746.92 W  50 fashion designers you should know Werle, Simone

759.13 M  50 American artists you should know Mancoff, Debra

779.329 D  Dog joy:  the happiest dogs in the universe

782.421 C  The rock & roll book of the dead: the fatal journeys of rock’s seven immortals Comfort, David

782.421 D  You never give me your money: the Beatles after the breakup Doggett, Peter

793.74 S  Professor Stewart’s hoard of mathematical treasures Stewart, Ian

794.8 B  Extra lives: why video games matter Bissell, Tom

796 R  Sports from hell: my search for the world’s dumbest competition Reilly, Rick

796.332 S  Not without hope Schuyler, Nick

796.334 K  More than just a game: soccer vs. apartheid: the most important soccer story ever told Korr, Charles P.

796.357 G  The game from where I stand: a ballplayer’s inside view Glanville, Doug

796.357 M  Chasing baseball:  our obsession with its history, numbers, people, and places Mills, Dorothy Seymour

796.5 G  The joy of geocaching: how to find health, happiness, and creative energy through a worldwide treasure hunt Gillin, Paul

796.709 M  Tea time with terrorists:  a motorcycle journey into the heart of Sri Lanka’s civil war Meadows, Stephen

796.72 B  He crashed me so I crashed him back: the true story of the year of the King, Jaws, Earnhardt, and the rest of NASCAR’s feudin’, fightin’, good ol’ boys put stock car racing on the map Bechtel, Mark

796.72 M  Drag racing: the world’s fastest sport Miller, Timothy

796.72 P  Real NASCAR: white lightning, red clay, and Big Bill France Pierce, Daniel S.

796.912 M  Figure skating’s greatest stars Milton, Steve

808.3 S  The secret miracle: the novelist’s handbook Alarcon, Daniel

808.387 F  How to write a damn good thriller: a step-by-step guide for novelists and screenwriters Frey, James N

809.1 C  Poetry for beginners Chapman, Margaret

810.9 M  Silk parachute McPhee, John

811 R  The best of it: new and selected poems Ryan, Kay

811.608 S  Starting today: 100 poems for Obama’s first 100 days Zucker, Rachel

812.03 B  The best American short plays, 2002-2003 Young, Glenn

812.52 M  The genius and the goddess:  Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe Meyers, Jeffrey

813.087 L  The lineup: the world’s greatest crime writers tell the inside story of the greatest detectives Penzler, Otto

814.54 F  The final four of everything: a celebration of all that is great, surprising, or silly in America using the foolproof method of bracketology to determine what we love or hate—and why: the argument begins here Reiter, Mark

814.6 H  Chelsea Chelsea bang bang Handler, Chelsea

817 H  Humor me: an anthology of funny contemporary writing (plus some great older stuff too) Frazier, Ian

818 L  How to catch and keep a vampire: a step-by-step guide to loving the bad and the beautiful Laurence, Diana

818.607 K  How to booze: exquisite cocktails and unsound advice Kaye, Jordan

822.33 S  Contested Will: who wrote Shakespeare? Shapiro, James

823.8 J  Talking about detective fiction James, P.D.

891.709 B  The possessed: adventures with Russian books and the people who read them Batuman, Elif

909.08 A  Voodoo histories: the role of the conspiracy theory in shaping modern history Aaronovitch, David

909.098 B  The tyranny of guilt: an essay on Western masochism Bruckner, Pascal

910 O Off the tourist trail: 1,000 unexpected travel alternatives

910.911 E  In the empire of ice: encounters in a changing landscape Ehrlich, Gretel

914.471 S  New York’s unique & unexpected places Stonehill, Judith

914.504 V  100 places in Italy every woman should go Van Allen, Susan

914.95 F 2010  Fodor’s Greece

917.471 F  New York:  the big city and its little neighborhoods Fertitta, Naomi

917.904 G  Death on the barrens: a true story of courage and tragedy in the Canadian Arctic Grinnell, George James

940.311 C  George, Nicholas, and Wilhelm: three royal cousins and the road to World War I Carter, Melinda

940.534 H  Winston’s war:  Churchill, 1940-1945 Hastings, Max

940.547 B  The Venlo incident:  a true story of double-dealing, captivity, and a murderous Nazi plot Best, S. Payne

943.155 R  Daring young men: the heroism and triumph of the Berlin Airlift, June 1948-May 1949 Reeves, Richard

945.5 M  Every day in Tuscany: seasons of an Italian life Mayes, Frances

951.042 K  Unbound: a true story of war, love, and survival King, Dean

951.93 D  Nothing to envy: ordinary lives in North Korea Demick, Barbara

951.93 H  The hidden people of North Korea:  everyday life in the hermit kingdom Hassig, Ralph C.

956.704 A  Eclipse of the Sunnis: power, exile, and upheaval in the Middle East Amos, Deborah

956.704 H  Paradise General: riding the surge at a combat hospital in Iraq Hnida, Dave

956.704 J  Ugly war, pretty package: how CNN and Fox News made the invasion of Iraq high concept Jaramillo, Deborah Lynn

956.92 H  Beware of small states: Lebanon, battleground of the Middle East Hirst, David

958.104 J  War Junger, Sebastian

959.704 S  The life we were given:  Operation Babylift, international adoption, and the children of war in Vietnam Sachs, Dana

959.704 V  Office, nurse, woman: the Army Nurse Corps in the Vietnam War Vuic, Kara, Dixon

967.571 D  The men who killed me:  Rwandan survivors of sexual violence Brouwer, Anne-Marie de

973 V  American conspiracies: lies, lies, and more dirty lies that the government tells us Ventura, Jesse

973.3 A  As if an enemy’s country: the British occupation of Boston and the origins of revolution Archer, Richard

973.311 H  Declaration: the nine tumultuous weeks when America became independent, May 1-July 4, 1776 Hogeland, William

973.711 C  Freeing Charles: the struggle to free a slave on the eve of the Civil War Christianson, Scott

973.82 P  The last stand: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn Philbrick, Nathaniel

973.932 D  Have you seen my country lately?: America’s wakeup call Doyle, Jerry

973.932 H  Game change:  Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the race of a lifetime Heilemann, John

973.932 T  Mrs. O: the face of fashion democracy Tomer, Mary

974.402 B  Make haste from Babylon: the Mayflower Pilgrims and their world: a new history Bunker, Nick

975.617 H  A kingdom strange:  the brief and tragic history of the lost colony of Roanoke Horn, James P.P.

986.106 O  Law of the jungle:  the hunt for Colombian guerrillas, American hostages, and buried treasure Otis, John


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