New Biographies (January – June 2010)

BIO AARON  The last hero: a life of Henry Aaron Bryant, Howard

BIO AGASSI  Open: an autobiography Agassi, Andre

BIO AHMED  In the land of invisible women: a female doctor’s journey in the Saudi Kingdom Ahmed, Qanta

BIO ALBRIGHT  Read my pins: stories from a diplomat’s jewel box Albright, Madeline Korbel

BIO ALI  I am Nujood, age 10 and divorced Ali, Nujood.

BIO ANDERSON  The way I see it: a look back at my life on Little House Anderson, Melissa Sue

BIO ARCHER-GILLIGAN  The devil’s rooming house: the true story of America’s deadliest female serial killer Phelps, M. William

BIO AVONMORE  Wild romance: a Victorian story of a marriage, a trial, and a self-made woman Schama, Chloe

BIO BEDNAR  Nine Ms and a mother like no other:  our journey from messed to blessed: a memoir Bednar, Martial

BIO BEMIS  The poker bride: the first Chinese in the wild West Corbett, Christopher

BIO BENDER  Chris Bender: a baseball biography Wiggins, Robert Peyton

BIO BERTINELLI  Finding it: and satisfying my hunger without opening the fridge Bertinelli, Valerie

BIO BETTS  A question of freedom: a memoir of survival, learning, and coming of age in prison Betts, R. Dwayne

BIO BOLEYN  Anne Boleyn Bernard, G.W.

BIO BOWIE  Bowie: a biography Spitz, Marc

BIO BRZEZINSKI  All things at once Brzezinski, Mika

BIO BURNETT  This time together: laughter and reflection Burnett, Carol

BIO BYSTROLYOTOV  Stalin’s Romeo spy: the remarkable rise and fall of the KGB’s most daring operative: the true life of Dmitri Bystrolyotov Draitser, Emil

BIO CAPONE  Get Capone: the secret plot that captured America’s most wanted gangster. Eig, Jonathan

BIO CARLIN  Seven dirty words: the life and crimes of George Carlin Sullivan, James

BIO CLAY  Henry Clay: the essential American Heidler, David Stephen

BIO CLEOPATRA  Cleopatra: a biography Roller, Duane W.

BIO CONNERY  Being a Scot Connery, Sean

BIO DEMUTH  Thin places: a memoir DeMuth, Mary

BIO DICKINSON  Lives like loaded guns: Emily Dickinson and her family’s feuds Gordon, Lyndall

BIO EDGAR Cheesemonger: a life on the wedge Edgar, Gordon

BIO EVANS  Rage against the meshugenah:  why it takes balls to go nuts: a memoir Evans, Dan

BIO FEBOS  Whip smart : a memoir Febos, Melissa.

BIO GABRIEL  Eating pomegranates : a memoir of mothers, daughters, and the BRCA gene Gabriel, Sarah

BIO GETTINGER  Ruby’s diary: reflections on all I’ve lost and gained Gettinger, Ruby

BIO GOLDING  William Golding: the man who wrote Lord of the flies: a life Carey, John

BIO HARRIS A woman’s war: the professional and personal journey of the Navy’s first African American female intelligence officer Harris, Gail

BIO IRELAND  The boy who would be Shakespeare: a tale of forgery and folly Stewart, Doug

BIO JABER The flying carpet of small miracles: a woman’s fight to save two orphans Jaber, Hala

BIO JOHNSON  It is well with my soul: the extraordinary life of a 106-year-old woman Johnson, Ella Mae Cheeks

BIO KERMAN  Orange is the new black: my year in a woman’s prison Kerman, Piper

BIO KIRKBY  I am Hutterite: the fascinating true story of a young woman’s journey to reclaim her heritage Kirkby, Mary-Ann

BIO LAUREN  Some girls: my life in a Harem Lauren, Jillian

BIO LONDON  Wolf: the lives of Jack London Haley, James

BIO MAILER  A ticket to the circus: a memoir Mailer, Norris Church

BIO MAKIN  703: how I lost more than a quarter ton and gained a life Makin, Nancy

BIO MASTROGIACOMO  Days of fear: a firsthand account of captivity under the new Taliban Mastrogiacomo, Daniele

BIO MEEINK  Autobiography of a recovering skinhead: the Frank Meeink story Meeink, Frank

BIO NGUGI  Dreams in a time of war: a childhood memoir Ngugi wa Thiong

BIO PEETE  Not my boy!: a father, a son, and one family’s journey with autism Peete, Rodney

BIO PHILLIPS  High on arrival Phillips, Mackenzie

BIO REICHL  Not becoming my mother: and other things she taught me along the way Reichl, Ruth

BIO RIDEAU  In the place of justice: a story of punishment and deliverance Rideau, Wilbert

BIO ROSS  Betsy Ross and the making of America Miller, Marla R.

BIO ROVE  Courage and consequence: my life as a conservative in the fight Rove, Karl

BIO RUSSELL  King of the court: Bill Russell and the basketball revolution Goudsouzian, Aram

BIO SABERI  Between two worlds: my life and captivity in Iran Saberi, Roxana

BIO SANFORD  Staying true Sanford, Jenny

BIO SEUSS  Theodor SEUSS Geisel Pease, Donald E.

BIO SHANNON  Chelsey Shannon, Chelsey

BIO SHAPIRO  Devotion: a memoir Shapiro, Dani

BIO STANFORD  A positive life: living with HIV as a pastor, husband, and father Stanford, Shane

BIO TWAIN  Mark Twain: the adventures of Samuel L. Clemens Loving, Jerome

BIO VANO  Pistols! Treason! Murder!: the rise and fall of a master spy Walker, Jonathan

BIO VELEZ-MITCHELL  iWant: my journey from addiction and overconsumption to a simpler, honest life Velez-Mitchell, Jane

BIO WAHL  Hard times in the country: ramblings of a hayseed Wahl, Timothy L.

BIO WEINBRAUB  When I stop talking, you’ll know I am dead: useful stories from a persuasive man Weintraub, Jerry

BIO WILSON  The butterfly mosque Wilson, G. Willow

BIO WINFREY  Oprah: a biography Kelley, Kitty

BIO WYNETTE Tammy Wynette: tragic country queen McDonough, Jimmy


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