Explore NY 400 with the Olean Public Library!

2009 marks the Quadricentennial celebration of the voyages of Henry Hudson and Samuel de Champlain to New York State.  The Olean Public Library is honoring this event in several different ways.  In the front glass case patrons will be able to find a display depicting different facets of life in early New York State.  Copies of a reading list containing books depicting life throughout the last 400 years in New York are also available to patrons.  A book display covering a wide range of New York related subjects, both fiction and non fiction, has been set up near in the front of the library for check out.  The library will be running a free trivia contest for the month of July open to all library patrons.

As part of the Explore NY 400 display, trading cards with facts about early NY will be placed by the display case.  Each week a different group of cards will be available for patrons to collect.  At the end of the month patrons will be able to pick up a trivia sheet with questions corresponding to the information found on the trading cards.  Completed sheets will then be turned in to the Reference Desk by August 7, 2009.  Correctly completed sheets will be entered into a drawing for a prize with the winner announced on August 10, 2009.

Stop by the library and celebrate NY with us!  The Olean Public Library is located at 134 North Second Street, Olean, NY. For more information please call the Reference Desk at 372-0200 or visit the website at www.oleanlibrary.org


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